Have you seen the ABA home compostable logo?

Even if you haven’t seen it yet, you will be seeing this home compostable logo more and more. As demand for environmentally friendly packaging from consumers grows, companies are eagerly developing new technology to produce products, packaging and bags that are home compostable.

Let’s have a look at exactly what this logo means, so you can make the right decisions – whether you are a manufacturer, or a consumer looking for home compostable packaging and wanting to protect our beautiful environment.

What is the home compostable verification logo?

Products, bags and packaging endorsed with the home compostable logo conform to the home compostable Australian Standard AS 5810-2010, verified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association.

What does the home compostable logo mean?

The Home Compostable verification logo clearly identifies and differentiates packaging materials as biodegradable and home compostable. This means that the biodegradable packaging will break down under specific home composting conditions back into water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and biomass. The accreditation also means it will be non-toxic to the environment.

The Home Composting logo ensures that these products and materials are quickly recognised.  Food waste or organic waste contained in these certified products can be easily separated and diverted from landfill.

This logo communicates the authenticity and independent verification of the home composting claims. Only products that have passed the home composting Australian Standard AS5810-2010 can claim compliance to this standard and display the logo.

Where will I see the home compostable logo?

Products, bags and packaging that conform to the Home Composting Australian Standard AS 5810-2010 by the Australasian Bioplastics Association will display the ABA Home Composting logo on their packaging.

The Home Compostable Verification logo is available for use by both packaging material producers and their customers. The Home Compostable Verification logo is printed on the finished product such as films, injection mouldings and bags, to market the products compliance to AS 5810-2010.

How does packaging become certified as home compostable?

The suitable biopolymer materials used in the product or packaging, must undergo a stringent test regime set by the Australian Standard 5810-2010, conducted by a recognised independent accredited laboratory.

Once the testing is successful, application for formal certification can be made to the Australasian Bioplastics Association directly by the supplier of the biodegradable products. The ABA has enlisted an independent third-party testing laboratory to evaluate all applications.

If the product is successfully validated, the ABA sends an invitation to the supplier to license the Home Compostable logo. A payment of a nominal fee and a license agreement is signed. Successful applicants can then use the logo along with their unique certification number.

Why should I look for the home compostable verification logo on packaging?

The Home Compostable Verification logo helps the end consumer, businesses and municipal authorities to recognise compostable packaging and dispose of it properly.

Packaging that is home compostable reduces the global human impact on the environment. It can lessen the amount of waste that goes to landfill and pollution and adds nutrients back to the soil.

The Home Compostable Verification logo is available for use by both packaging material producers and their customers. The logo communicates the authenticity and independent verification of claims of compliance to AS 5810-2010.

How do I check a registered home compostable logo?

Ask the supplier or manufacturer for their unique identifier code. For example, the Parkside Flexible home compostable unique verification code is ABAP 20007.

Alternatively, you can visit the ABA website for a  list of Australian and New Zealand manufacturers and their certified products.

Who are the ABA?

The Australasian Bioplastics Association dedicates itself to promoting plastics that are biodegradable, compostable and based on renewable resources.

The ABA is the peak industry body for manufacturers, converters and distributors of bioplastic products and materials throughout Australian and New Zealand. The Association represents Members in the promotion and advocacy for Members’ products and materials. They work with government, organic recyclers, composters, industry groups, non-government organisations, brand owners and converters to further the understanding and appropriate use of bioplastics.

The Association administers a voluntary verification scheme for companies and individuals with products and packaging that conform to the current Australian Standards for Biodegradable plastics, Australian Standard 4736-2006 and Australian Standard 5810-2010. These are the performance standards for commercial composting or home composting of biodegradable plastics, respectively.

The ABA Working Group Committees are represented by experts from member companies that volunteer their time.

The first ABA accredited home compostable laminated barrier flexible packaging

Here at PA Packaging Solutions, we are very excited about this push away from traditional plastics towards sustainable and home compostable packaging.

In partnership with Parkside Flexibles, UK, we have developed the first ABA accredited home compostable laminated barrier flexible packaging; Australian Standard AS 5810-2010 Home composting – ‘Biodegradable plastics for home composting’
The packaging comprises of a bio-film created from wood pulp that comes from certified sustainable forestry sources only.

This flexible barrier film has supply options for a double or triple layer structure, made up of clear or paper laminated options, with the option for a metalised and bio polymer sealant web. This laminate provides excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties, that extend product shelf life to help both retailers and consumers minimise food waste.

PA Packaging’s compostable packaging is available in many packaging styles suitable for clear, paper or metalised printed films, and pouches (with or without a certified compostable ziplock) or sachets. A home compostable barrier lidding film applied to standard and biodegradable trays is also available.

PA Packaging Solutions certified home compostable packaging can be placed in a home compostable bin. The packaging will break down under specific composting conditions back into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, within 26 weeks.


Next time you are food shopping look out for packaging that has the home compostable verification logo. If you want to know what suppliers are using our home compostable packaging, contact us now for a list of environmentally friendly food producers.

If you are looking for true home compostable barrier flexible film packaging for your products, call us now on +61 2 8882 9612 for free samples or click for more information on our home compostable packaging.