When you meet Dylan and Luke you can feel their energy and passion for life. It’s infectious and this passion spills over to their instant coffee brand, SIPP and their love for our planet.


Inspired by a trip overseas, the two mates wanted to create a new healthy instant coffee that was easy to travel with. They saw a gap in the market, researched it and decided it was time to make the move.
‘We want to change the way people think about consuming coffee. It can be easy, it can be healthy and you can do it without harming the environment.’

Dylan Garft and Luke Zocci created and developed SIPP Instant Coconut Coffee, Double Shot, Chai & Matcha with probiotics and organic grains. Their branding and coffee are based on four values – healthy, delicious, environmentally friendly and user friendly.

‘Our values are our products. We’re passionate about what we do and it shows in the quality of the products we produce.’ Dylan Garft, Director of SIPP.

‘Once we had the product developed, we started looking around for sustainable packaging. PA Packaging were the only company to back us. Pete Cumberlege saw the potential in SIPP and really came on board with developing a great packaging design.‘

Get your packaging right!

SIPP knows the importance packaging can play in product and branding, ‘Packaging can draw a potential customer into your brand. Get it right and you can have a customer for life, get it wrong and they won’t remember you next week.’

SIPP Instant coffee and tea are packaged in PA Packaging Solutions flexible triple layer barrier film home compostable pack. This is the first packaging of its type to be accredited Home Compostable Australian Standard AS 5810-2010, verified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA).

The many benefits of home compostable packaging

When we asked Mr Garft why he chose home compostable packaging, he quickly replies ‘Why not? Firstly, we want a decent planet to live on and secondly, we need to reduce our plastic consumption.’
‘We found the home compostable packaging is the main talking point that draws new customers to buy our products and the packaging allows our customers to shop from us guilt free.’

SIPP are so committed to the environment, they donate $1 from every bag to Take 3, a clean beach initiative to reduce the global impact of humans on the planet.

The biggest challenge facing the food industry today?

‘Sustainability and feeding the masses. We need to become innovative in the way we produce enough food for everyone whilst making sure we still have a planet to live on.’

Sipp Instant Coconut Coffee, Chai & Matcha can be ordered online. If you want to know more about our home compostable packaging or how your product can be packaged in it, contact us on sales@papackagingsolutions.com.au or call +61 2 8882 9612.