PA Packaging are expanding its multi-layered compostable stand up pouch distribution with Green Pack from mid-May 2019.

PA Packaging director, Peter Cumberlege said this new partnership was an exciting move for the brand and for environmentally friendly packaging.

“It means that PA Packaging can now offer Australian businesses smaller minimum order quantities (MOQ) of our flexible home compostable stand up pouches,” said Cumberlege.

“The demand for our home compostable packaging from smaller food companies was immense. However, as with most new technology, our sustainable packaging was price prohibitive for small MOQ’s.  This has opened up a new channel for food entrepreneurs and producers to buy our eco-friendly pouches at an affordable price.”

About Green Pack 

Green Pack began in 2006 as a small home-based packaging company.  Since then, they have expanded their range to become one of the major online suppliers of environmentally friendly packaging in Australia.

“Green Pack were the perfect choice to partner with.  Most importantly, they already supply a comprehensive range of compostable, biodegradable and sustainable produced packaging in Australia.  Together, we can help smaller brands support the environment.”

The compostable stand up pouch available at Green Pack

Green Pack will be supplying two types of certified home compostable stand up pouches with gas and moisture barrier properties –

  • Paper home compostable stand up pouches
    home compostable stand up pouch

    Home compostable stand up pouch in metallised paper – Available in small or large

    With an inner metallised coating, these pouches are perfect for coffee, snacks and products that require a longer shelf life. It is certified home compostable pouch, to strict Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) home compostable standards.

They are available in packs of 10 or 100 in two sizes –

SMALL Height – 190mm, width – 160mm, gusset – 100mm

LARGE Height – 270mm, width – 180mm, gusset – 120mm


  • Clear compostable stand up pouches

    Compostable stand up pouch – Available in small and large

    These pouches are perfect for displaying product such as muesli, grains and snacks. They are certified commercially compostable to international standards (TUV).

 Available in packs of 10 or 100 and in two sizes –

SMALL Height – 190mm, width – 160mm, gusset –          100mm

LARGE Height – 270mm, width – 180mm, gusset – 120mm


More information on our compostable stand up pouches available through the Green Pack website.

If you are looking for home compostable barrier flexible film packaging for your products, call us now on +61 2 8882 9612 for free samples or click for more information on our home compostable packaging.